The Global Financial Crisis in 2008 has given us powerful lessons that asset management and portfolio allocation decisions are governed by significant geopolitical and economic forces. Typical market analysis failed to predict the Financial Crisis and we have developed new financial models to navigate our current market landscape.

Our outside-the-box approach to market risk analysis, and our deep insights and intuitions about valuation, sentiment and geopolitical dynamics, informs our forecasting of interest rates, oil, commodities and the dollar.

We have created unique insights into business cycle dynamics, and other great forces that move markets. These are insights for action translating directly into ideas for capitalizing on strategic opportunities, ideas that work for asset allocation and quantitative risk management. 

Sophisticated financial models drive decision-making and are an essential part of our robust quantitative asset management framework for portfolio allocation. Analyzing and assessing the degree of systemic risk that portfolios are exposed to require high levels of modeling experience and expertise, and the comprehensive means to prove out the model's potential and actual capabilities.


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